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JW FLV Player is one of the most widely used web based FLV player
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LongTail and its team have developed a wonderful tool to support every one who seems to show some video on their websites. JW FLV Player is one of the most widely used web based FLV player. JW FLV Player is highly flexible tool with supporting almost every format available in the market to play flash videos. JW FLV Player supports formats like FLV, MP4, MP3, AAC, JPG, PNG and GIF. JW FLV Player has a great skinning functionality which allows users to completely customize the look and feel of the player to suit your website look and feel. JW FLV Player is also compatible with number of plugins which can enhance the reach or your player from simple playing to Ad Serving, Searching, Sharing and more. JW FLV Player also supports RTMP, HTTP, Live streaming, various play list formats, a wide range of settings and also supports extensive JavaScript API. JW FLV Player has a very good support available and the installation process to set this up at your website is also very easy and quick. JW FLV Player only needs little bit of JavaScript knowledge to install this on to any website. JW FLV Player is available absolutely free with all the features packed in one.

Manoj Goel
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  • Extensive support
  • Plays most of the video formats
  • Supports RTMP and HTTP
  • Supports JavaScript APIs


  • For you tube player has to be in same dir as the video files
  • Some MP3 might need extra support
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